all about moi

Je m'appelle Kelsey... pleased to meet you! I'm 24, have always lived in or around Seattle, and have loved French language and history since the first time I learned anything about it. My lifelong dream has always been to live and work in France and have always been drawn to teaching opportunities. Applying to teach English in France was an obvious decision. While living in France I intend to soak up the French life and become as UN-American as possible! I'm thinking French language, French food, and French men? Don't mind if I do! Live vicariously through me as I record my adventures in traveling Europe, trying new foods, and making new friends on the other side of the pond! I'll throw in some French lessons for you here and there. 

Get to know me with a few scattered facts: 

  • I plan to speak as much French as possible while abroad. I used to wish that I could forget how to speak English, though I don't see that happening. When I come home, I plan to be completely fluent and hope to find a job that requires those skills. 
  • I'm fiercely proud of my Estonian and Icelandic roots - how many people do you know who are 25% of either? Not many, I'm sure. Well I'm both. At the beginning of my trip, I'm spending a week in Estonia meeting the family I have there and seeing what I can of the country. Someday, I will visit Iceland; there's no doubt about it. Too bad I don't have family left there...
  • I'm very particular about what I eat but rather than consider myself "picky", I think "controlled" is a better descriptor! I eat mostly fruits and vegetables, with whole grains the form of oats and brown rice. I don't eat a lot of dairy and rarely eat bread and avoid processed, packaged foods. I'm moving to France... cheese and bread capital of the world! I also haven't acquired a taste for red wine.. this will be an interesting test for me!  
  • I have the most amazing friends you could possibly ask for. I wouldn't be who I am without them and am thankful to them for loving me as I am. They're supportive of me leaving to pursue the dreams I've dreamt for years. I'll miss them like crazy while I'm gone but I know they won't replace me (not like they could, anyways). As excited for the amazing connections I'll make, nothing can compare to the friends I call family!

Some of the VIPs in my life:
The girls
Ma mère, Heidi

The most important guys in my life, Ian and Daddy

I'm happy to share more about myself or answer any questions you send my way. I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me at! While you're living vicariously through me, I'd love to hear your suggestions for places to see and things to do! Merci beaucoup!