01 June 2010

Drafting my next chapter

Yes, I know that I have a few months before I leave. I may not have all the details figured out yet - actually I have nothing figured out yet. I don't even know yet where exactly I'm going. The control-freak in me is nervous that the only thing I know is that I got accepted to teach in the Académie de Lille, the northern-most region of France. When I receive my Arrêté de Nomination in the mail in June/July I'll know more. At the point, I will be told the following: city, duration of contract ( 7 or 9 months ), the school(s) where I'll be teaching.

Thanks to Facebook, I'll be able to connect with other assistants in the same region. Other than that, this is a major move to make on my own! Understand that my entire family lives within a radius of about an hour from Seattle. That is, until my mom and step-dad move to California the month before I leave. While I'm figuring out the details of my impending move, I'm going to live it up while at home. Vive la France and wish me luck!

Also, welcome to my adventure in becoming as un-American as possible while in France!

un arrêté de nomination - a contract 
un bisou - a kiss; used to sign off on letters as "bisous" or kisses (much like we might say "xoxo")  

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