10 June 2010

What a small world we live in...

It's never been surprising to me when I meet random people that I share a mutual friend with. Actually, it happens a lot more often than you'd think. For example, the first day at my current job, I realize that one of my closest friends from college was best friends with one of my new co-workers when they were in high school. Did I mention that I work for a really small company?

Anyways, I've already connected via facebook with someone who also went to UW who's been placed in the same académie as me. I thought that's as small world as it would get. Today, I got really excited when the program coordinator sent an email list out to all assistants placed in Lille - so we can start getting to know each other and share information. Yay!

It gets even better - I got a message on facebook from a girl who went to Western Washington University. She's also going to Lille and is best friends with a girl that I went to high school with. Actually, she and I were on the same trip to France together. Go figure. Can't it just be September now? More on my first trip to France later...

une académie - school district (think bigger scale - like whole region) 

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