21 September 2010

And now for the main attraction...

This is it! I'm at the Tallinn airport waiting to head to Riga before my flight into Brussels. This is the whole reason I am in Europe! It's so exciting! Saying goodbye just now was really hard. I've spent nearly every moment with Jane, Scott, and Margo this past week and now I'm not going to see them. That's tough. But I have SO MUCH to look forward to! 

After the fiasco that I had in the Amsterdam airport on my way into Estonia, I was stressed about getting all of my stuff to France. AirBaltic has really low limits on the weight you can take with you in your suitcase (20 kilos/44 pounds) and carry-on (8 kilos/17.6 pounds). When you're moving for almost a year, you have more kilos than that! After having to pay 150 euro in overage fees in Amsterdam, I wasn't about to deal with that again! Before grabbing a quick lunch (Chinese food), we stopped at Eesti Post, to ship some stuff to my flat. For 8.2 kilos, it only cost 243 Estonian Kroons or about $21.50. We even brought my luggage into the post office to double check that the weight was okay! That's a lot cheaper than we were told before, too! 
Okay, I think they switched my gate, so I need to go figure out where to go so that I can board my flight! FRANCE - HERE I COME ! Au revoir, Estonia!

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