24 October 2010

Un dîner avec des amis

I love dinner parties. Honestly, I'd rather attend a casual dinner party with friends than your average "let's get drunk" type of party. What's better than good food shared in the company of friends (new or old)? Luckily, Sébastien and his friends also appreciate this idea and often have dinner parties and are kind enough to invite me to join in the festivities! Hier soir, Séb brought the fixings to prepare le repas at Angel's apartment. 

Le menu du jour
Les pommes de terre au four cuit deux fois
Le mesclun avec des tomates
Salade de fruits aux mangue, kiwi, banane, et ananas

Miam miam! Dinner was delicious! I didn't share with them that the only experience I have making twice-baked potatoes was a complete disaster. Granted, I was like 16 and could barely cook macaroni... But I only helped with coring and restuffing the potatoes. Those of you who know me well will be shocked to hear that, yes, I DID eat pineapple, banana, and tomatoes without anyone telling me to and also without making any interesting faces. The verdict? Still not sure about pineapples or tomatoes (though I keep making myself eat them) and I am definitely growing on bananas - though I still don't want to physically touch them. 

Here's my dilemma - the next dinner is on me. They suggested I make Thanksgiving dinner. Ummm... I've helped the past two years but could never do it on my own. Not to mention, my "oven" is a TOASTER oven and so many of the ingredients I would need aren't easily available in France. Hello pumpkin... I'm not even going to attempt using a real pumpkin to make pie. So, I'm thinking that instead of doing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for them, I'll make something more traditionally American or a special family recipe. Any ideas or suggestions? Aidez-moi

un dîner - a dinner party or just dinner/supper; as a verb, dîner means to eat dinner. 
avec des amis - with friends
hier soir - last night 
le repas - the meal 
Le menu du jour - menu of the day 
Les pommes de terre au four cuit deux fois - twice baked potatoes
Le mesclun avec des tomates - mixture of salad greens with tomatoes
Salade de fruits aux mangue, kiwi, banane, et ananas - fruit salad with mango, kiwi, banana, and pineapple
Miam miam! - Yum yum!
Aidez-moi! - Help me!


  1. help me --> aidez-moi

  2. I will make a few suggestions. Just give me time to think of them. It looks like you a have some very nice new friends. :) Oh, and your comment about barely being able to cook macaroni...should of been "barely able to boil water". :) I knew Ian would be able to survive but I was concerned about you. :)

  3. you could by butterball turkey (or find something similar), slice it and roast it? Instead of trying to do a whole turkey? Everything else you could easily make!