27 November 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas season is in full swing in Lille (or Europe for that matter)! While you guys were braving Black Friday madness, I enjoyed the afternoon in Lille with my friend Jim. Coffee was definitely in order to get the day going on the right foot; I ordered a café latté, my first since leaving Seattle. I knew I shouldn't have had milk but I didn't care... it was worth the stomach ache. Moving on... in La Grande Place, there's a pretty sapin de Noël, La Grande Roue, and a carousel for all to enjoy as a part of the Marché de Noël
The tree is 60 feet tall and pretty at night! 
La Grande Roue is 165 feet tall!  
After our caffeine kick, we were ready to hit up the Palais des Beaux Arts, which is one of the premier museums of Europe. I loved looking through all of the Renaissance and medieval collections. The cool part was that many of the pieces have local relevance and illustrated some of the Flemish history of this region. That and that I was able to translate the placards for Jim. There were also some really cool relief-plans of several large cities in the area that were made in the 1800s. If you come to Lille, I definitely recommend a visit!
Palais des Beaux Arts 
 By the end of the museum collection, my stomach was doing more talking than I was. Indecisive as always, we wandered at least forty-five minutes before I led us to a kebab restaurant for a cheap and delicious meal. It hit the spot! Afterwards we needed something to warm us up a bit so we headed back to the Café Notting Hill for something warm but got side-tracked by La Grande Roue. It was freezing but the view of the city was unbelievable and worth risking frost-bite! Four euros well spent, I haven't been on a Ferris Wheel for years - thanks Jim! 
Le Marché de Noël in La Place Rihour
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!
Thanks for everything this weekend, Jim! I had heaps of fun!  (To use your word) 
The Chamber of Commerce and Opéra
And we finished the night by warming up with a nice, warm drink. No alcohol for me this time, though I'm sure that would have also done the trick! I was tempted by a chai latté and Jim made sure I gave in... once again, worth the upset stomach. In all, it was a great day! Either the cold got to me after spending lots of time in it or I talked Jim's head off, since I have quite the masculine voice today... Plus my sinuses are making their presence known - let's hope the honey and onion concoction Dr. Jane prescribed can cure this. If it doesn't make me feel better, it may just kill me (I don't think I used enough honey)! 
Chai lattés feel like the holidays to me!


Le sapin de Noël - a Christmas tree 
La Grande Roue - Ferris wheel (literally translates to the big wheel)
Le Marché de Noël - The Christmas Market


  1. Everything looks beautiful Kelsey. Jim looks like a very nice fellow. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and evening. Love you.

  2. Kelse! I love your face in the last picture. You're too cute.