31 December 2010

Pieces of me

To my knowledge, I didn't forget any of my belongings in Estonia this time. I did, however, leave pieces of my heart in Estonia when I left. The tail end of my trip was filled with tons of laughter, lots of love, meat and potatoes, and more alcohol than I've consumed in a while (actually, this sums up my whole holiday). I could talk write you into boredom over how great of a time I had and how hard it was for me to leave, but I won't. In my last few days, I spent a lot of time with two of my favorite new people while Jane got some work done; my cousin Mait and his girlfriend Merli. We're already planning what we'll do during my next trip in April and Mait brought up the idea of visiting me in Seattle! I wish I had more time to spend with them but have a lot to look forward to!  
Mait and I  - I swear he looks just like my brother! 
Mait made us his favorite food for dinner my last night - schnitzel! Delicious! (And of course there were potatoes, too!)
Merli is a sweetheart; nice choice, Mait!
I miss Jane so much already. I feel like I've known her for years and we can't help but laugh the whole time we're together! I owe her big time for hosting me for two trips - I'll pay you back in Seattle! 
Three Musketeers? Jane, Signe, and I have a great chemistry together. 
The men in this family are the strong, silent type - just like Sven.  
Sven, Jane, Signe, Aunt Aino, and I enjoyed a huge lunch on my last afternoon in Tallinn. 
I may not be able to communicate with her on my own, but I LOVE Aunt Aino. You would too, if you met her!
My trip may be over but my memories will last a lifetime. I feel so at home with these guys and somehow it feels like they've known me for years (and much better than some people I have known for years). Jane and I actually finished some of each others' sentences. Mait is pulling for me to marry an Estonian and suggested his good friend, as is Aunt Aino who is pressuring me to have babies and raise them in Estonia... If I keep going, I may never stop... Needless to say, it was hard to leave. At least my flights were on time, my suitcase within the allotted limit, and my jars of pumpkin and pickles didn't break. I may have left a piece (okay, several) of me in Estonia but I brought just as many back to France with me!



  1. awww, that is a sweet post. and your cousin does look like Ian! Love you Kelsey May, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! (although I'm already counting down to the half of the year when you return to the states!)


  2. Woah, your cousin does look like Ian!

    Happy new year!!

  3. Wonderful post Kelsey. Mait does resemble Ian. I think this is where Ian gets his quiet personality...don't you think? You are so lucky to have spent so much time with everyone. Maybe if life had been different and the war had ended sooner then we could of connected with them much earlier but now is good!! Can't wait to be there!! Love and miss you.

  4. What a loving holiday you had! Fingers crossed you hit if off with Mait's friend... :-)