30 March 2011

I spent another afternoon at FNAC today with Yannick and my dead hard disk... After I grabbed a service number, another guy called me up to his counter but when Yannick looked up and saw me, he said I was here to see him. When I asked how he was doing, he looked at his watch before looking up at me with a smile and responding "Well, now I'm doing great."Unfortunately, the program we hooked it up to no longer recognized my hard disk. He tried several different things and cords were all over the place but, sadly, had no effect. He downloaded a recovery program specifically for Macs and we found it funny that I had to show him how to drag it into the "applications" folder to finish installing it.We laughed again when he couldn't find it in the application folder, which I was able to point out to him. 

At one point, he said that he was about to try the last thing he'd be able to try before throwing in the towel. But after that, he still tried a few different things. After two-and-a-half hours, he wasn't able to retrieve any of the information from my hard disk. He wished me well and apologized for not being able to help before sending me on my way. Get this - I didn't get charged! Can you believe it? In total, he spent close to 7.5 hours working on my computer and I only paid 15€ for the service. What a steal! All hope isn't lost... it's just not going to come cheap. At least this time I was well prepared for the worst and there wasn't even the slightest threat of a tear. 

Aside from that, this week at work has been insane. On Monday and Tuesday, there were three teachers absent (plus a few striking on Monday) and only ONE substitute. One of the teachers will be out almost until the April vacation but let's hope the other two get better and can come back to school because classes are too full! 

I forgot to mention that Nicolas (le directeur) and I set the date for my final day of work: le 28 juin! I can't believe that I have less than three months left now! My mom, aunt, and I haven't officially nailed down details of their trip to come travel Europe with me but we've tentatively planned to meet in London on June 29th -three months from yesterday! Words to describe how much I miss them are hard to find; I'm super excited to plan our Europe adventure! 

Le directeur/La directrice - the principal
Le 28 juin - June 28th 

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  1. June 29th it is. Just mom coming. CAN NOT WAIT!