12 June 2011

Scaredy cat

Have you seen this commercial?
It creeps me out. Goosebumps? Check! 

Well, this morning I picked up my lunch bag and there was a spider scrambling around the bottom of it. I threw the bag on the ground and the spider came running out of it like a bat out of hell. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed the empty salt shaker on the counter. When I picked it up to see if the spider was smushed, it wasn't. The bottom must not be flat! So now there's a spider sitting under a salt shaker on the floor in the kitchen. I should probably tell Séb. I'm already terrified of spiders and this commercial makes it worse. Maybe the spider will suffocate under there? Do araignées breathe? 

Speaking of creatures with eight legs... There was a spider on a student's desk the other day. The girl, Rachel, sits in the second row and I was the first to notice it. I was in the middle of teaching something and just froze. Mouth shut, I stood there pointing at the spider until Manon picked it up and put it on the floor. Not that it made it better but at least I couldn't see it. Eew. 


Une araignée - a spider

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  1. Now where on earth did you get your fear of spiders! Really Kelsey!