26 September 2010

Apartment tour

In the past few days, I've gotten more settled in and feel much more comfortable in my apartment, in Marcq-en-Baroeul, and in Lille. In the last few days I've met a few of the other assistants and some French men (all gay, none for me - yet!). I've started speaking more French and have told Sébastien to try not to respond to me if I speak to him in English. Last night we had a little dinner party and Cody cooked up some traditional Southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes - delicious but far to rich for me!! I'm starting to get to know my roommates a lot better ; I found out last night that Sébastien knows the choreography to the Spice Girls song "Stop Right Now", which he performed with a pink feather boa. :D 

I'm trying to turn myself into a runner, or at least a jogger. It's a lofty goal which I started working on today. Let's just say that I jogged and did a lot of fast walking.... but it allowed me to explore the beautiful town of Marc-en-Baroeul. I haven't yet taken a photo tour of it but rest assured that one will be up soon! Until then, I'll share with you a few images of our lovely flat. 
ma chambre
For now, and probably for the most part, my room is just my bed (futon) and a night stand. I don't really see the point in adding much else to it unless I plan to bring it back home to the States. As it is, I'm going to have to figure out what to do with these when I leave, so why bother with much more?
la salle de bain
la salle à manger
le salon
la vue (c'est l'hôtel de ville)
le garde-manger et la buanderie
la cuisine
It's still a work in progress and I'm sure there'll be decorations added as we go. Obviously there are some areas unphotographed... Cody and Sébastien each have their own rooms, Cody and I have two closets each in the hallway, the toilet is in the water closet... It's a nice place. The building is secure and you can ring your guests in from the apartment. We're on the third floor (which is more like fourth) and are in a very wealthy neighborhood. If you want my address to send me a care package, I'm happy to oblige! 
; ) Just kidding. 

So, what's going on at home? I need updates! I'm already out of the loop!

ma chambre - my bedroom 
la salle de bain - the bathroom (toilets are in the WC or les toilettes)
la salle à manger  - the dining room 
le salon - the living room/lounge
la vue - the view
l'hôtel de ville - the town hall
le garde-manger - the pantry
la buanderie - the laundry room (ours has only a washer, no dryer)
la cuisine - the kitchen (yes, the stovetop is on the counter and we have a toaster oven for an oven, no dishwasher but we survive)


  1. Kelsey May! You need to at least put up a cork board with pictures on it! You need a warm room to get you through the winter :) The flat is super cute though, love all of the color. I'm glad you are finally there :) Can't wait to see more pics!
    Love you and miss you already!

  2. I spy... lots of IKEA furniture! Woot! Hopefully I'll be able to come see your flat in person!

  3. Hey, cool blog; it's funny, I'm a 28 year old french girl and living pretty much the same experience as you, but...in your country! Trying to americanize myself as much as I can, and I love it! Have a great time in France,

  4. Bree, I'll add things to my room as I go, but only things I plan to bring back to the States with me! I'm sure I'll get around to printing pictures to put up! I miss my beautiful friends from home!

    Rachel, TONS of Ikea! :D I'm sure I'll see the same when I come to your place! You're welcome here whenever!

    Chipienewyork, how are you liking the States? If you have any advice to share in my efforts to be as un-American as possible in French, I'd love to hear it! How long have you been in America?