29 September 2010

Screaming American

Something about me today must have screamed "Regardez-moi! Je suis américaine!" because I on my walk to the grocery store, several people stared at me. One guy in a passing truck even craned his neck. Judging by the clothes I've seen other women wearing, I wouldn't say that my attire was a complete red flag. I was just wearing jeans, a long-sleeved black Helly Hansen jacket, and Nikes. A comfortable enough ensemble but nothing to draw attention and definitely nothing I was wearing with my head held too high. 

Maybe it was le sourire on my face? The spring in my step? (I was listening to something a bit up-tempo on my ipod but I don't think I was dancing down la rue!) I need to stop trying to make eye-contact with the people I pass on the street, it's just not something that's done here. I never used to think twice about smiling and making eye contact with strangers but I'm going to have to break that habit! Well, not the smiling part, it's too ingrained in my nature. 

Yesterday, my roommate and I took the train out to the small town of Douai to meet with another assistant or two. A stomach ache and a little boredom had me taking my first train-ride by myself and I'm happy to report that I made it home all on my own! Looking at the King County Metro maps at home make my head spin - and at least I know that area - the maps here confuse the CRAP out of me! Anyways, here are a few pictures I took yesterday... (I wasn't all that excited to be in Douai, so there weren't many pictures of it). 
La Gare de Lille Flandres - one of two large train stations on the same street in Lille
Le train that I took all by myself
The belfry in Douai
The Centre Ville de Douai 

I'm getting antsy to start work... I still have to wait until next week! I'm definitely someone who needs regular responsibility. It's been almost exactly a month since my last day of work and I feel like I'm not a functioning adult. Weird, I know... most people enjoy not working! 


Regardez-moi! - Look at me! 
Je suis américaine/américain. - I am American [feminine/masculin]. Note: they don't capitalize nationalities. 
le sourire - a smile
la rue - the street 

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  1. Thanks for the pictures Kelsey.