13 September 2010

Off and running - literally

Well, I made it! The gate agents gave me a very grim outlook on getting onto the 12:45 Seattle-Amsterdam flight. They even took a few volunteers to bump to the next flight. At the final minute, I heard them say there were two passengers missing. With bated breath, I crossed my fingers that I heard correctly and it meant that I would have a chance. They called my name and told me to run - that's exactly what I did!

There were two of us on standby and we both made it on, in business class, no less! We sat together and were probably the two happiest people on the flight! I had an aisle seat and she took the window; Linda was a very friendly travel companion. I also made friends with a gentleman in the security line, Dick, who was very pleased to see me on the flight! It all went smoothly and before I new it, we landed in Amsterdam.

I'd prepared myself for not making it on the first flight, so I didn't actually make any plans in Amsterdam! Actually, I didn't even eat lunch or do anything before boarding the plane! Luckily I was fed lunch two hours in and also breakfast before landing at 7:30 am Amsterdam time. Let's hope I have enough adrenaline to keep me up today!

I've checked into a hostel, The Flying Pig, and will spend the rest of the day exploring. That is, once I've freshened up. Pictures to follow.



  1. Already being upgraded, the trip is off to a great start!

  2. My flights to Riga and Tallinn weren't as smooth... or as nice. It came down to the wire on whethet I'd make it onto those flights, too! The Turboprop from Riga to Tallinn was very small! But the trip is most definitely off to a great start!