12 September 2010

Until we meet again

My bag is packed and everything is ready to go. I've said as many good byes as possible and am mentally ready to go. The flight situation is a little bit iffy but I'll get out on some flight... (fingers crossed). All the waiting, anticipation, and planning has paid off and the time has come for me to start my next journey. I've been a teary mess all weekend but have pulled it all together - at least for the time being. Tomorrow morning is going to be another story!! Saying good bye is never easy, but at least I know when I'll be seeing most of you next - July! I prefer "until we meet again"!

Chances are I won't make it on the flight I've originally planned... that's standby for you. But I'll get there. I may just have to wait a little bit. I'll get to SeaTac early and can hopefully work with a friendly Delta reservation agent to figure out my options. I finished packing today and was able to fit a ton of shit clothes in the suitcase and weighed in at 44 lbs! So I added a few more items! I may have more sweaters than shirts... :D oops. 

It's gonna be a long flight to get to Amsterdam but I think the wait at the airport will feel longer. Neither will be longer than the years I've been waiting for this opportunity!  I'm so ready to embark on this adventure!!! See you on the other side - with pictures! 

This isn't my dream any longer... THIS IS MY LIFE! How'd I get so lucky?