20 October 2010

Un ange gardien

I must have un ange gardien following me around. Either that, or I just have a lot of luck. (Maybe it's a combination of both? Who knows but I won't complain!) On Monday morning, I arrived at work layered up as well as any real Seattleite; tights, a long-sleeved shirt dress, cardigan, and a coat. Albeit, my "coat" was more or less a light-weight jacket, see below. When packing back at home, I made a stupid executive decision not to pack one of the winter coats I already had. I figured it would take up too much space/weight in my valise. Instead, I brought two light jackets - the second one I accidently left at the sauna in Estonia... So I'm down to one light coat and lots of sweaters. 
The only coat I have from home... Did I mention that I miss these guys?
While sipping coffee in the teacher's lounge, Sylvia asked me if I was too cold and I replied that I wasn't. Clearly, if I'm writing about this conversation, it's because it didn't stop there. I continued to tell her that the coat I was wearing was the only one I brought with me and that I had plans to buy a coat this week. She insisted that I didn't need to buy a coat because she has extras that I can use. So she asked my size and told me she'd bring a coat or two for me to choose the next day. Surely enough, when I saw her yesterday afternoon, she walked me out to her car and gave me a bag full of three coats for me to take home to try on, even making sure that I'd be okay to get the large bag home by myself. 
One of the coats she gave me is a floor-length, black wool coat with a faux-fur collar. It's a little too big and too dress for everyday wear. The second was a khaki winter coat with lots of pockets and a hood - a little too many pockets and zippers for my liking. The third is a cozy brown coat with a hood that fits me perfectly and is quite comfortable. I felt like Goldilocks - the first was too big, the second didn't work, and the third was just right! Honestly, how amazing is she? She also insisted that before I buy anything else, I check with her because she has extras of things and knows that I can't bring 40 suitcases with me. A guardian angel must have definitely sent her my way. She's also the same teacher who has offered to drive me to the bus station. Sylvia is a wonderful person and I'm lucky to work with her! 
Goldilocks' pick
Aside from my newly-acquired winter coat, here are another few noteworthy tidbits...

Cette photo ne la rends pas justice! 

  • I'm stranded in Marcq-en-Baroeul today because there aren't any tramways or buses running. For once, this is not due to a strike but rather due to a shooting that happened on a bus last night. No, it's not a route I take.
  • Yesterday I only worked a half day because there was another teacher's strike and teachers for two of my classes were on strike.
  • I FINALLY got my debit card for my French bank account... I opened the it Sept. 22nd... 
  • Sébastien made me a delicious crêpe last night with banana and nutella. Yes, you heard that right, I ate banana. France has really changed me. (Although I am still afraid to touch them...)
Does anyone know what tomorrow is? Guess!

un ange gardien - a guardian angel
une valise - a suitcase


  1. I love your new coat. You look beautiful. I can't wait to meet your guardian angel. And tomorrow will be a month that you have been in Lille. :)

  2. Kelsey- I really enjoy reading about your French adventures! To be completely honest, France has never been high on my list of ideal destinations, but the more I read about how kind the people are and how much you are enjoying your experience, the more interest I have in seeing it all for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  3. @Mom - yep! Tomorrow marks my 1 month anniversary of arriving in Lille! Can you believe it?!

    @Courtney, I'm so glad you're enjoying reading my blog! I'm really enjoying writing it. France really is a wonderful place and the people I've met have been wonderful so far. There's such a rich culture and history here, not to mention wonderful food;I hope you decide to visit someday! Say "Bonjour" to West and Christian for me! Take care!

  4. Kelsey you are more than a mere Goldilocks, you are Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Princess Grace, Princess Di, and my favorite, Audrey Hepburn all rolled into one. I miss you and am so happy that you are having the experience of a lifetime. Reach out and touch that banana, it won't bite or jump out at you. Can't wait to see you. I love you.
    Aunt Tracy