17 October 2010

Let me introduce you to what you didn't know you were missing out on

When I was 16 and in Paris, my appreciation for good food was changed one night when my host family pulled out a funky looking appliance and placed it on the dinner table. What was this contraption? I had no idea. I'll just say that it was maybe one of the most memorable meals I've ever had. Ever. When I got back to the US, I couldn't stop thinking of this meal and even looked. At the time, the table-top appliance was ridiculously expensive for my budget... So when Sébastien invited me to go to a friend's house in Belgium to eat this particular meal, I enthusiastically said "YES!". (Of course, I'd have said accepted the invitation regardless of the food, so that I could meet some more Frenchies!)

So what is this meal I'm talking about? It's something you've probably never heard of and didn't realize you were missing out on! Without further ado, je te présente raclette! In brief, it's a semi-firm cheese indigenous to Switzerland, Wallonia, and France. Served over boiled potatoes, vegetables, and charcuterie, slices of raclette are melted on the table-top grill and scraped onto one's plate. Last night's raclette party was a definite success! 
We started off with this strangely green drink... It smelled like kiwi but tasted more like bubble gum...
The raclette grills were ready and waiting for us!
My plate of charcuterie and potatoes waiting for the melting raclette!
Look at that melted goodness! (Coming from someone who doesn't eat cheese hardly ever, you know it's got to be good - real good!)

You know how sometimes when you build something up in your head that it's so wonderful and amazing that you sometimes your expectations aren't met when you finally have/see it again? That was not the case with raclette. It was just as amazing, if not more so, than I remember. You should have seen how much Sébastien ate - he loves raclette just as much as I do! After dinner, we kept the party going with a very entertaining game... Just Dance on the Wii and yummy ice cream cones. Je me suis bien amusée! I won, too! :D 
I think we were dancing to Womanizer by Britney Spears (Séb is the guy on the right). 
If you're wondering... yes! Raclette is available in the States. I know I've seen it at QFC and you don't have to have a raclette grill to melt the cheese... Do yourself a favor and trust me on this. If you love melted cheese, meat, potatoes, and/or any combination of them, you'll find yourself in a little piece of heaven. Or maybe on Cloud 9?


Je te présente... - I present to you...
La charcuterie - slices of cooked meats (we had ham, salami, proscuitto...)
Je me suis bien amusée! - I had a lot of fun!


  1. I can't wait to try it
    Sounds like a fun evening

  2. aw fun Kelse! looks like a great time had by all :)

  3. I really had a great time too !! :):):) La raclette was so hummmmmmm miam miam !! and i just want to add that i won one game all the same against you :p don't forget !! ma revanche sera terrible !! mouahahahaha lol

  4. @Mom, you guys would love it!

    @Heather and Bree, we did have a ton of fun! Maybe we can find a way to have a raclette party when I get home! Although, I'm not sure if it's kosher? I doubt I'll understand what you can/can't eat, Heather! ; )

    @Séb - I think you beat me twice! And you did win other rounds, just not against me! Miam miam, more raclette, please! Or maybe some different French food! J'ai peur de ta revanche! Ne sois pas trop méchant!