24 November 2010


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday with Christmas and 4th of July in close competition for second place. While every other holiday has become totally commercialized, Thanksgiving is all about being with loved ones, enjoying good food, and being thankful for what you've got. What's not to love? Maybe being across the world from my loved ones, where Thanksgiving staples are either not available (pumpkin purée) or expensive (turkey). But then I remember something... I'm in France living my dream and I have SO much to be thankful for. So, rather than dwell on the fact that I'm skipping Thanksgiving dinner (my favorite meal, ever), I'm focusing on the "thanks" part of the holiday. 

I'll keep the list to ten things I'm thankful for, but could really continue on well past your attention span. 
I'm thankful for... 
1... my friends and family who haven't forgotten me yet and who I love and miss a ton.
2... the opportunity to live and work in France and having been placed in a beautiful city and at a great elementary school.
3... facebook, Skype, and gmail for keeping me in the loop and making it easier to be away without being disconnected.
4... having an amazing family in Estonia to spend Christmas with, when it will be especially hard not to be at home. 
5... my co-workers at school being so kind and helpful.
6... American efficiency and that shops, restaurants, and grocery stores are open non-stop through the afternoon.
7... the friends, family, and co-workers who pushed me to apply for this teaching program to get the international experience they knew I needed. 
8... students who are so excited when I walk into the classroom. 
9... being able to speak French. It may not be perfect but I'm finding more confidence with it daily. I feel like I've improved so much already.
10... my roommates and the friends I've made in France. :D

And here are a few photos of my walk through Vieux Lille the other day... it was sunny but COLD!



  1. Well said Kelsey May. I am glad you realize all you have to be thankful for. And for the opportunities you have been given. Yea! Happy Thanksgiving Kelsey, I love and miss you to the moon and back.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Kels! This was always my favorite holiday, too! Love & miss you bunches. I would be easily persuaded to do a much belated Thanksgiving dinner when you're back. My dad makes an awesome dinner!