19 November 2010

Yesterday was interesting...

Something was up when I rolled out of bed yesterday... What ensued was an interesting morning and a cold afternoon. Let me start by saying that one of the best gifts I've been given was a Kindle from my dad. I take that thing with me everywhere and in almost a year, still haven't actually paid for a book. So, I just barely caught the tram while I was buying my ticket and then had to stand for half of the ride. Picture me reading and standing at the same time, it's okay to laugh. Then, I watched my bus drive past as I was walking to the stop. The posted bus tracker-thing said the next bus would come in 12 minutes. No problem, I'd just started reading The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum and was happy to continue reading. Except there was a group of annoying teenagers running around and being immature. It was much to early to deal with listening to. Until I realized that one of them was standing right over my shoulder mumbling something to me. Slowly taking my beat up earbuds out and with a less-than-friendly look on my face, I respond to his question about my Kindle and we have the following conversation. 

"Ça marche bien?"                                                   "Does that work well?"
"Oui, ça marche. Je l'aime bien."                               "Yes, it works. I really like it."
"Vous lisez en anglais. Vous êtes anglaise?"                 "You read in English. You're English?"
"Non, je suis américaine."                                        "No, I'm American."
"Vous êtes belle. Vous êtes célibataire?"                     "You're pretty. Are you single?"
"Merci. Oui, je suis célibataire."                                "Thank you. Yes, I am single."
"Quel âge avez vous?"                                               "How old are you?"
"Moi, j'ai 20 ans."                                                    "I'm 20." (Said proudly, like I should be impressed.)
"Vous avez un portable?"                                           "You have a cell phone?"
"Rien?"                                                                   "Nothing?" (He seemed shocked and didn't realize I lied)
"Ah, voici mon bus. Bonne journée?"                           "Oh, there's my bus. Have a good day!"
"Faie la bise?"                                                         (Asked me to exchange kisses on the cheek.)
"Non." And then I ran onto the bus. He also mentioned something about noticing me while he was standing with his friends but I wasn't looking at him... Maybe because I was annoyed? And he wasn't cute? The lesson of the day is: don't hit on me before I've had coffee or if you're twenty. 

While on the bus, some weird guy sat on my while he was talking to his friends... for a few minutes. Man this day was going nowhere fast and this was all before 8h15... But I got off early because I had a mandatory medical visit at 13h30. Went straight there from school and got there and hour and fifteen minutes early. I guess I could have gone home but I knew I was one of many with the same appointment and it was first-come, first served. I was first... A quick and awkward chest x-ray, vision exam (yep, still sucks, even with glasses!), and an exciting little weigh-in later, I left with my x-ray and finally made it home for lunch at 14h30. (I ate breakfast at 7h00.) At least I got to see some of my friends at the appointment - it was like a little reunion! 

The high points of my day were at work. One of my youngest students asking me "Why do you speak French with a French accent like me?" I thanked him but told him I didn't think he was right. If only he was... And then one of my favorite students told me he loved learning English because he has fun in my class. Oh Quentin, je t'aime! 


  1. lov it! Bet your the best teacher that all the guys have a crush on

  2. Love the story Kelsey. Glad you enjoy your kindle.

  3. Oh gotta love those 20 year-old French men/boys.

    One student stared at me during an entire lesson. When I asked him why, he replied, "You're more interesting than the teacher." Mind you, this was a lesson in which I was NOT teaching.

  4. i love so much about this story. hahaa..