02 December 2010

Did you just say what I think you did?

If it was possible to get any colder than it was, then it did. It's bitterly cold and I'm frozen from head to toe. I don't have the right clothes for this weather and I don't have enough clothes (in France, at least) to support the number of layers I've been wearing. How my students happily play in this weather at recess, I don't even want to know. In the "heat" of the salle de métiers, I can be found knocking back cups of black coffee. (Yes, I've taken to black coffee and I'm not proud of/enjoying it.) 

While I had no issues in getting to work (other than my toes threatening to fall off), today was an interesting day at work. Roles seemed to have reversed as my worst class was on their best behavior and vice versa. And then something happened that I don't know if I have words for... One of the adorable boys in my last CM1 class of the day was talking to his neighbor asking him a question. I walked up to them to see if I could help him out. Except the moment that I walked up, the conversation topic switched to me and I overheard him say "Kelsey est sexy!" He looked up at me right as he completed the sentence with bulging eyes and a dropped jaw. Busted! The other students at the table held their breath as they awaited my reaction. I asked him if he said what I thought he said and his facial expression was enough of an answer. His table-mates laughed the next five minutes straight and he couldn't look at me the rest of the class period. While walking behind him later on in class, I heard him say "I thought she was going to assassinate me!" Really, he's like ten years old! The French seem to get an early start! But I really don't think being covered in chalk-dust finger prints is sexy... 

Neither is the look I sported on my walk home from the tram. Wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alley, would you? Hah... 


La salle de métiers - the teacher's lounge 
"Kelsey est sexy!" - Kelsey is sexy. 


  1. I love your post. It put a big smile on my face. You look warm. Sexy eh? I love your translations.

  2. i just busted out looking at your miserable little face! :( poor thing! i miss you terribly!!!