11 December 2010

Border hopping

This afternoon, I took a quick 20 minute train to Mouscron, Belgium for a little adventure and shopping their Marché de Noël. This makes country number two that I've been in all by myself (or if France counts, make that three?)! The weather today was much warmer than it's been recently, so I was quite comfortable at 6 degrees (Celsius, that is). Before I left, I wrote down the walking directions from the train station to the Grand-Place... but ended up just going with my gut on where to turn. I might be the only person who's better off in a strange town without a map...

Anyways, the town was pretty small and quiet. Nothing I walked past was that spectacular, except this wall that had all sorts of little paintings on it. I think they're supposed to be riddles of some sort but I can only understand a few.

The market was fun and I picked up a few gifts to take with me to Estonia. I had fun looking at each booth and taking pictures of the town. After a few tours around the market, I wandered around Mouscron and went in a bunch of shops. Belgium is WAY cheaper than France... But I didn't end up buying anything for myself, yet again. I don't know why... there are a few things that I actually do need, I just won't buy them yet. Weird. So here are a few pictures of my afternoon in Belgium. 
I tasted their Montagne cheese - creamy and delicious. 
Skating rink in the middle of the Marché de Noël. 
I tasted Foie Gras (left) and Rillete d'Or (right) for the first time. Verdict? Not bad, not fantastic either. I'll try again some other time to form a better opinion.
Band of Santas... but they weren't playing Christmas music. 
Tons of scarfs!
And, since I haven't checked in all week, here are a few noteworthy tidbits:
  • One of my students kept calling me "Cassis" and the class thought it was hilarious... No, my name is not a sort of liquer... He said he forgot my name, really? I've been around the school for two months!
  • Stéphanie, one of the teachers at school, brought in croissants to celebrate her birthday this week. A.MA.ZING. This was the first croissant I've had since I've been here. The other teachers kept commenting on how "this is a real croissant." Miam! 
  • I got caught with an un-composted ticket getting off the tram... but talked my way out of a fine. I'll explain in a post sometime soon. Basically, I just "forgot" that I spoke French for a minute and flashed my pearly-whites. Worked like a charm... 
  • My guardian angel, Sylvia, lent me another coat! This one totally reminds me of something I'd borrow from my mom's closet. I can just picture my mom coming home from an estate sale with it - and it's warm! 
  • Estonia is being hit with a huge snow storm, Monika, and has two more on the way. I leave a week from tomorrow!  

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  1. I'm going to Belgium during the vacances de Noel, so this post totally has me excited! Especially the part about Belgium being way cheaper than France... thank goodness! ;)