18 December 2010

Un rendez-vous chez le médecin

My first full day in France, I was honestly worried about my language skills and the effect they'd have on my daily life in France. Three months later, I am so proud of the things I remember and what I've learned. But when I finally made the doctor's appointment I've been needing to make for over a year and a half, I was nervous all over again. I may be afraid of bananas but I'm not afraid of the doctor... I just always put if off until I NEED to go, making excuses on why I can wait it out. My favorite examples are "I know I fractured my wrist but it was my fault so I'm going to just deal with it" and "I know I have had a 102* temperature for three weeks but it's finals and Christmas and *cough*ouch*cough*, other people are counting on me to show up to work. *Faint*".  Those who know me well know that this is 100% truth and there are actually many more similar excuses I could have substituted...

Anyways, living in another language, there are many things you realize you were never taught in French class... like what to say in a doctor's appointment. I'm not sick but I need to get a new prescription for la pilule contraceptive since I convinced a random doctor to give me une ordonnance over the phone before I left Seattle. I wanted to make sure I could explain what I needed and why I didn't like what I was taking already... all in French. So I left my apartment with my ipod in stow and before the song was over, I was buzzed in to the blackened hallway of the building. Okay, now where do I go? Finally, the médecin came out and turn the hall light on and ushered me into the office. Needless to say, there was a lot of worrying for nothing. He understood me and more importantly, I understood him. I left with a prescription in hand and a very friendly and comfortable conversation with my new doctor behind me.

And then I thought I lost my cell phone. But get this... I paid only 22 euro for the appointment (I'll get reimbursed 21 euro) and for three months of the pill, I paid 17 euro (some percentage of which will also get reimbursed). Cheap! I paid $150 for three months before I left... Even if I weren't to get reimbursed, I'm a happy camper. Going to Estonia tomorrow makes me even happier!

Here are a few pictures from my walk to the doctor and la pharmacie yesterday. 
Église Saint-Vincent
La Marque  
Église Saint-Vincent
Avenue Foch 

Okay, gotta run - things to do and people to see! My next post will be from my grandpa's homeland!

Un rendez-vous chez le médecin - an appointment with the doctor 
La pilule contraceptive - the birth control pill
Une ordonnance - a prescription 
Le médecin - the doctor
La pharmacie - the pharmacy


  1. Kelse, youre hilarious. I'm glad it all worked out!

  2. I love only having to pay €22 for the doctor and then getting reimbursed! It's awesome!