16 December 2010

A vacation well earned

This week has been rough. As young students, I don't think most of us thought about how exhausting we could be on our teachers - especially while in elementary school. Even with my Aunt Tracy, an elementary school teacher, as one of my biggest role models growing up, it still never really crossed my mind. In this week alone, my respect for teachers has grown tenfold. I may only work twelve hours a week but after this hellish week, my Christmas is well earned. I don't know if I've ever been more ready for a break... 

The excitement of the school's Marché de Noël, school movie day, receiving their bulletins, predicted snow, impending vacation... oh yeah, and Christmas were way too much for the kids to handle calmly. Their behavior was intolerable and already on Monday afternoon the other teachers were dreaming about Friday.  Students wouldn't listen... kept getting out of their chairs... talked over each other... and gave me the worst headaches ever. I have never yelled this much at other people in my life... I don't know what happened to my voice after high school... I was a really LOUD cheerleader but since those days, I cannot yell loudly. And I apparently cannot yell over my class in French or even English. And I seriously wanted to slap a few kids upside the head... okay, that's a lie - more than just a few - A LOT of kids... or most of them.

Let's just say that I couldn't be happier to have over two weeks without kids running up to shout every English word they know at me, chalk dust all over my clothes, or waking up at 6h00. In that two weeks, I couldn't be happier to be with family!! We'll leave the apartment at 6h00 Sunday morning to head to Bruxelles for my 11h20 flight. After an hour and twenty-minute layover in Frankfurt, I'll arrive in Tallinn Sunday evening for an 10-night, 11-day stay in Estonia! I only have a faint idea of what's in store for me and already know I'll have a few fun Christmas traditions to share. You and I both (well, especially me) can look forward to:

Blood Sausage - because it couldn't be Christmas in Estonia without it!
Sauna - because it is Estonia, after all!
Beautiful scenery but COVERED IN WHITE!
And AMAZING people! 
Vive les vacances! 

Les bulletins - report cards 


  1. I agree ! I am a primaire assistant in Lorraine and sometimes I can't believe how tired I ater only a few hours of work! Exhausting!

  2. You deserve a break! Go to Estonia and have fun with your family. If I had to have you anywhere else but home...Estonia is where I want you to be. Yea, you are going to have a white Christmas too!

  3. Have a fantastic time! I'd love to stuff myself and sit in a sauna for a bit :-)