21 December 2010

Welcome to land of snow

Frankfurt, Germany - I'm lucky to have made it in and out nearly on schedule!
Warm dinner waiting for us! Yummy pork, potatoes, and homemade sauerkraut, brownies and homemade gingerbread cookies for dessert with clear wine and tea to warm us up!
Siiri and Toñu (Siiri is Uncle Toñu's daughter, this Toñu is her husband - he's hilarious)
The big Russian church in Tallinn
Hilarious guy outside of the Old Hansa restaurant in Old Tallinn. He was talking a mile a minute about what life was like in the old days. 
The view of Tallinn is a bit different from the last time, huh? Gorgeous! 

Round one of dinner at Aunt Aino's: Black bread with either cheese, anchovies and eggs or with cheese and dill, potato salad with tomatoes. I didn't take a picture of the sült, but I ate that, too. (I passed on the bread with anchovies...)
Round 2 of dinner at Aunt Aino's: Blood sausage, pickled pumpkin, and a berry relish/sauce that I need to find the translation for... I had two servings of this plate. Yum. 
The fabulous Aunt Aino. I hardly understand a word she says but I know without a doubt that she has such a wonderful personality! She's beautiful and I love her. 
I had a wonderful day, can't you tell?


  1. Your photos are wonderful. Especially the one with you and your fabulous Aunt Aino! Richard loves the one of you overlooking the town. Richard would like graffic descriptions of the ingredients in blood sausage, take your time, no hurry! Please get the recipes for your favorite dishes! We miss you all, please give everyone a big hug for us. Love you.

  2. Such beautiful pictures! So happy I found your blog! All of our snow is virtually gone and has been replaced with ucky rain. And is it bad that I knew that was Frankfurt from the runway? Ha!

  3. You look so happy! Hope you enjoy every second of your holiday :-)