23 December 2010

Walking in a winter wonderland... aka Tartu

Here's a photo montage of what I've been up to the past few days in Tartu. 
Kalevipoeg statue 
Mayor's office and Kissing Students Statue - The windows are meant to be like an Advent calendar
Jõululodi (Christmas barge) 
I wonder if they're embarrassed by the cold...?
Baked Apple yogurt + Milk + Vana Tallinn = A cocktail way better than egg nog (to be honest, I don't like egg nog) 
Truffle making party with Jane's co-workers! Four flavors and 258 pieces later... It was a good night! 
Papa's brother Osvald and sister-in-law Lehte's gravesite. Jane got a workout shoveling away the snow!
Jane made her favorite food - cabbage rolls. They were delicious! 
Meat market where my Aunt Sirje works. 
I'm having a great time here and haven't even gotten sad about the fact that it's the night before Christmas Eve and I'm half a world away from home. We've been busy with activities and baking...

  • Jane's friends/co-workers came over Tuesday night and we made truffles to give away as Christmas gifts. We had four flavors going in our little operation... Domino (like Oreo's) crumbs with cream cheese, and dark chocolate; white chocolate with vanilla wafers, coconut, almond flakes, and brandy; dark chocolate with chili powder, and dark chocolate with condensed milk, brandy, and chocolate milk powder. In total, we make and individually wrapped 258 pieces. I got a sugar rush just from inhaling it all! 
  • We had Vana Tallinn cocktails at our truffle party... Baked Apple yogurt thinned with milk and some Vana Tallinn. I loved the warmth of the cinnamon... It reminded me of egg nog only way better - I don't actually like egg nog. 
  • Jane had to work Wednesday morning, so I took to the town by myself! I must have done something right when I got dress - I survived the cold! Of course, I had two layers of everything on... But you have to when it's this cold and you're a whiny American. 
  • Last night, Jane made me her favorite food for dinner... cabbage rolls! They were delicious! While she was making them, we snacked on left over pieces of the plain boiled cabbage - I may be addicted. She also made Kissell, a fruit soup. It was so good! We had it last night with vanilla kohupi (translates as "curd" but it's more like ricotta or something...) and this morning, I had it with manna (semolina pudding), which was delicious! Basically, the soup was made of raisins, apples, potato starch, cinnamon, and water... It can easily be adapted to other berries and I might be addicted to it. 
I'm picking up a lot of random words in Estonian but only know a few sentences... I will save them for a separate post, as they're very entertaining for English speakers! It's technically Christmas Eve for me! We'll be spending it in Tabivere with more family and tons of food. Santa Claus comes tonight and we get to see him! I can't wait! I'll fill you in later but I'm going to head to bed!

Häid pühi! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! 

Häid pühi! - Merry Christmas! (Estonian)
Joyeux Noël!  - Merry Christmas! (French)

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