09 January 2011

King for a day

In France, there is a long-standing tradition to eat une galette des Rois on or around le 6 janvier or the first Sunday of the year (apparently the tradition dates back to the 14th century). The galette des Rois is a flaky puff pastry filled traditionally with frangipane (an almond pastry cream) but also commonly available with apple filling. Baked into the cake is a little trinket called la fève. Traditionally, the cake is cut so that everybody has a slice, leaving an extra slice for the first person who comes to visit. The youngest person present gets underneath the table and decides blindly who gets which piece of the cake; this is to ensure fairness. The person who finds la fève in their dessert is crowned as King for the day! 

This weekend, Séb brought some friends back to the apartment along with a store-bought, apple filled, Toy Story 3-themed galette des Rois. Though Ali was the youngest (finally it wasn't me), Ashley kindly demonstrated how she should get under the table to divvy out the cake. It was funny to watch her wriggle her way under the tiny table. Ali gave it a shot but we decided to skip that part of the tradition (it's no fun using the dining room table, I guess). Séb was very fittingly crowned King for the night after finding the figurine in his slice. I thought the galette was delicious - flaky, buttery, with apple filling? How could you go wrong? I bet it'd be delicious with French vanilla ice cream! 
Not the easiest fit, is it, Ashley? 
La galette des Rois
Séb le Roi! 
Despite some very disrupting shenanigans from our other roommate, we spent the night teaching Séb the wonders of Apples to Apples, which Ashley brought back for him after Christmas. It was funny to explain to him what some of the cards meant. Rush Limbaugh? Chunky? Beanie Babies? The game wasn't nearly as loud and competitive as my family gets when we play it but it was fun. (I love playing with Aunt Tracy and her outbursts of why her card is the clear choice.) It ended up to be a late and interesting night but tasty, as well! 

Regarding the shenanigans, there have been some issues at the apartment that I haven't divulged because I want to keep this a positive place and don't want to worry friends and family at home. There will soon be a major change at the apartment, at which point, I'll explain a few details. 

Une galette des Rois- King's cake
Le 6 janvier - January 6th
La fève - charm or bean (the original baked-in surprise was a bean)

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