25 January 2011

Kiss me, I love you, and other things that happened today

I love Tuesdays and not only because mardi is my short day of the week. The day started off on a really great note and just continued to get better.

In my youngest class of the day, I couldn't help but laugh at one of my adorable students, Axel. He and the second Axel in that class already make me smile, as they make me think of my adorable cat back at home, Axl. But today, I felt like Pheobe in Friends in the absolutely hilarious scene where she tries to teach Joey how to speak French for a part he's auditioning for. (I couldn't find a video that I could imbed, so please follow the above link to the clip on youtube.) Last week, I taught that class "I'm hungry" and "I'm thirsty." Today, we were going over a few common foods and saying either "I like fries" or "I don't like fries"; I guess I should say that we were trying to say these phrases, as I don't know what Axel was saying... even breaking it down into syllables was a mess!

Papa with Axl - this is one of my favorite pictures ever. 
In my next class, I knew very well what my student said and couldn't help but laugh; but I also couldn't stop laughing - in front of the entire class. This particular class is one of my oldest classes and Ali happens to be one of my most eager students. I always start the class off by asking "How are you?" and then the students are really happy to respond with several variations of "I'm good", "I'm well", "I'm fine," and the like. This morning, Ali proudly answered "I'm very, very, very happy and I love you Kelsey." I turned beet red and just laughed. I didn't know what else to do... 

During the first recess, I was put on the spot by one of the other teachers. Rodolphe's a jokester and always likes to say something drôle to get me to smile. But today, after talking with another teacher about a student swearing, he wanted to know what the worst word was in English and of course, the only person to ask was me. Now, I don't have a very fowl mouth so at first I was at a loss for words... Then decided that a certain word with "see you next Tuesday" as a euphemism was the worst word I could think of and he got me to say it (and correct his pronunciation). However, we weren't alone in the teacher's lounge and Nicolas, the director overheard and loved it. He then proceeded to go off about how it sounded like Obama when he at some point said "We can't do it", (I'm not au courant, so I can't further elaborate on what speech he's talking about...) which I heard him repeat several more times throughout the day. I'm glad someone learned something today...

Then, nearing the end of lunch several of us were sitting in the lounge talking. Rodolphe wanted my attention so he tried to call my name, which came out as "Kes-ley" and he knew he'd screwed up right away. Pascal tried to correct him, only it came out with an "m" thrown in there somehow. Rodolphe thought it sounded like "Kiss me" and started singing the song from She's All That, which the other teachers all thought was hilarious. So now Rodolphe, Pascal, and a few other teachers are calling me "Kiss me". I think it's funny so I don't mind but I really hope none of my students hear it! 

Lastly, in my final class of the day, I noticed that Kimberly was coloring something that she kept hiding when I'd walk past. Since I'd noticed my name on it, I wasn't going to call her out on it. At the end of class, she handed me a hand-made envelope with a drawing inside of me and her. In the drawing, she's handing me flowers and says "Ce bouquet de fleurs est pour toi!" What a great note to end the workday on! 


mardi - Tuesday
drôle - funny
au courant - in the know, aware, up-to-date...
Ce bouquet de fleurs est pour toi! - This bouquet of flowers is for you!


  1. Tuesdays are my days le plus chargée as well. Glad you had a great day! I am a nine-month assistant and I"m dying to get to Lille. I've heard it's amazing there! Maybe we can have a blog/asst meet up??

  2. I am glad you had a nice day. Axl was so adorable. He still is today too. You are right, that is a sweet picture.

  3. Oh, I so relate with the embarrassing moments! :)

  4. They sound like the sweetest kids!
    And I love that episode of Friends, so funny!