30 January 2011

Good Riddance!

He left without so much as a goodbye. In fact, he walked right past me, slammed the door, and texted Séb to tell him he left his keys in the mailbox. It's quite all right as he'd already said enough and now he's gone! Two nights ago, Cody came in and interrupted me as I was about to wash my face before going to bed. He said he wanted to "clear the air" and make sure that he was "leaving on a good note." Hmmm... you know what he also said? "Kelsey, I realized that I don't have a drinking problem. In fact, my problem these last few months was 'my situation', it was you and Séb. Some days I would just think, Kelsey and Séb annoy me... So you don't have to worry about me because I don't have a problem with drinking..." This fact was repeated multiple times, as well as the fact that he wanted to leave on a positive note. I honestly don't know how Séb and I could have been such a bother to him, since if Cody was at home, he was shut up in his room with youtube and a glass bottles of wine.  

I haven't been so transparent with everything that's gone on in the last few months as a way to maintain this blog as a positive space to share my experiences. I also didn't want to worry anyone else. But I would like to just give an overview of major themes and events that led to us asking Cody to move. Starting my first month here, there was a lot of tension between Cody and I as we were trying to figure out how to live with each other. Let's just say that the person I got to know over the summer and decided to live with was far different from the person who picked me up at the airport. After a major blow-out in Sweden, I saw Cody's true colors and we "mended" things for a while. Really, I just wanted a manageable relationship that could last the duration of our work contracts. Through the end of December, things seemed fine, although there was heavy, heavy alcohol consumption, wine stains in the hallways, and broken wine glasses galore. 

The three of us were well and ready to have a little space for Christmas vacation, though upon returning, things just got worse. By that I mean terrible. On New Year's Eve a drunken, manipulative, and authority-craving monster reared his head and started not only many verbal fights with his visiting best friend but provoked a nasty physical fight with him as well. I tried to intervene but was terrified for my safety and locked myself in my room. When the fight was over, a bloodied and raging Cody came after me, invading my room and honestly scaring the shit out of me. When I got him out of my room, I locked my room for the night and wasn't at all surprised to find out in the morning that Cody had absolutely no recollection of the night's events. Shallow apologies followed but I didn't buy it for a minute. From that moment, I was done. A week later, he swore he wasn't drinking and that he'd only taken a sleeping pill, a relaxing game night with friends was repeatedly disrupted by his antics. That was the last straw. Once our safety was compromised, we had enough reason to ask for him to leave. Mutual friends were surprised - but not that we'd done it - surprised that we'd taken so long. But he's gone now and Ali arrives tomorrow! Séb and I are so excited for our new roommate that I hope we don't smother her! ;)

On a lighter note, I got to Skype with two of my favorite people last night, which made my night!! 
My handsome dad, Jim, and god-dad, Bruce. I love and miss you guys more than you know. 


  1. That's terrible. I'm glad you had Seb though! And that he's gone.

  2. That's intense, Kelsey! Good for you for standing up for yourselves! Shows some real personal strength. =)

  3. Good to hear that you guys got the negativity out! Woot woot for new beginnings!

  4. How horrible this must have been for you! At least now it's in the past, and life should be much brighter from now on :-)

  5. Wow, that is SUPER dramatic and scary! Glad he's outta there... that's crazy!

  6. Happy that all is back to normal & your comfort zone is re-established!
    SO NiCE to talk w you girl! Hey Nice pic of some Very Handsome Men! ! !
    Love & light. . .

  7. Thanks for all of your support! Things are so much better now! :)