22 February 2011

Aaah... Paris :)

Last night's entrée (appetizer): Escargots. Verdict? Delicious!
Sacré Coeur
But why's the Irish Coffee gone? We loved this bar in Monmartre! 
After not having Starbucks for 5+ months, I was so happy to have a grande black coffee! 
Notre Dame - amazing! 
Look at the blue sky - we are lucking out with the weather in Paris in February!

Shakespeare & Company's floor to ceiling bookshelf is my dream... 
La Seine and a ton of padlocks on a bridge
Sacré Coeur with a crowd listening to Nikerson play Billy Jean,  Bob Marley's "Could This Be Love",  Madonna's "La Isla Bonita". Heaven. 

Stories to come, I promise. A few quotes too... But we've got Monmartre waiting for us to enjoy it (again)! 


  1. ahh looks like so much fun! I love irish coffees :)

  2. Ah Paris... is there anywhere more beautiful?

    I think I will be living vicariously through you from now on - I'd love it if you stopped by my blog sometime.

    Andrea x

  3. The photos are great, Sacré Coeur looks beautiful! And I couldn't be more jealous of that Starbucks cup :-)

  4. Great photos Kelsey. Happy to hear you found a bar you like!!! Can't believe you and Jesse are back in Paris! Love you.