01 March 2011

Love the Louvre

My internet access hasn't been stable so sorry for my absence! I'll slowly get you guys updated on my travels. I've been through Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland and am now writing from the pub in London, The Mitre, where my friend and gracious host, Jim, lives and works. First things first, let me wrap up my trip to Paris - the last day was spent at the Louvre. We totally lucked out that we'd planned our museum day for what turned out to be a bleary and rainy day. After spending all afternoon inside we were both worn out and took the metro back to the hotel to stay dry and save time. 

It was crowded but manageable and we enjoyed slowly walking through the exhibits. When we were there in high school we were only allowed two hours there and were limited to the exhibits we could see by our escorts. Not the best way to see the Louvre! This time we saw a greater majority of the exhibits, though not all of them were open. We did pass by the La Joconde, which I think is the most over-rated piece of art ever. For those of you who aren't aware, you have to drop elbows to get close to it and then you realize how small it is! Not worth it. But you know what is worth it? Victory of Samothrace - it's my favorite museum piece. I love it and Jesse laughed at my excitement over seeing it again this trip. The first time I saw it, I had my first "aha" moment. It's not to be missed! There is so much great stuff in the Louvre - from Renaissance paintings, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian antiquities, to French sculptures,  and oceanic art - there's something for everyone. 

More to come on Scotland and London... : D 


La Joconde - The Mona Lisa 


  1. "la J-o-conde", not "la J-a-conde" :) ahah lol

  2. I might actually prefer the grounds and palace of the Louvre to the museum itself. Walking around the Tuileries garden with a coffee from that Paul kiosk there is my favorite thing to do in Paris.
    Love that Easter Island head photo :-)

  3. And yeah, the Mona Lisa is so freaking tiny!!