12 March 2011

The Foreiners at The Mitre

I know how to spell foreigners... but my temporary teammate, Adam, apparently didn't. My second night in London, The Mitre, the bar where Jim lives and works, held their weekly Quiz Night! My team started off as Jim, myself, and a British guy clad in a matching suit and vest combo (complete with round, geeky glasses) named Adam. Jim being an Aussi, Adam saying he was half-Italian, and I became "The Foreiners". The Quiz Master, Drunken Duncan called it out to the entire pub so we just went with it. Adam quickly left and we joined with Jim and Joe, two Brits who were quite the entertaining teammates! In college, my sorority sisters and I loved going to Quiz Night at Finn MacCools; though we never stood a chance at winning. Jim and I feared that our lack of knowledge of British history and media would hinder our team's chances at winning the £25 prize to be spent at the bar. Speaking of Drunken Duncan calling things out... at one point, I responded to his question of "does everyone have their papers back?", to which he rebuked "Thanks to the American with the nice knockers!" I turned to Jim and asked him if "knockers" meant the same in British English.... yes, it does. 
The Mitre, Jim's place of employment and my landing pad for the last leg of my trip.
Cheers! Jim and the Rekorderlig's Cider he insisted would be the end-all-be-all of ciders. Verdict? DELICIOUS!
The Foreiners - Jim, Joe, Jim, and The American
After dominating the first round, we got a little scared in the "television" round, since we had never heard of half the shows in question and had selected this as our bonus round. Despite missing a few questions, we were still in the lead. We kept a strong lead after the next two rounds and were a little hesitant during the history round. One question was "In what year was Princess Diana killed in a car accident?" The Brits were hilarious on this one... I had this conversation with one of them: "I know it happened in August of my second year in college." "So when did you graduate high school?" "I don't remember... I was high." The other swore that it was in 1994 while I assured him that I couldn't have been only 8 years old... In the end, we guessed 1996 but the answer was 1997. After getting every question right in the last round, we were confident that we had the game in the bag.
Drunken Duncan was a hoot! Quiz Masters always love me! 
After waiting for the final scores to come in, we were happily pronounced victors for the night. I got to write our team name on the board to commemorate our win! And then we ordered a round of shots (mostly tequila with a few Jagermeister) plus another Strawberry Lime Rekorderlig's for me. 

Our prize
It was a great night! The next few days, Jim and I kept saying how we couldn't believe that we'd won! You want to know something else I couldn't believe? On Thursday afternoon, I went the the TKTS booth in Leicester Square to see if I could get a ticket to a show for that night, since Jim had to work until midnight. When I asked the woman at the counter "Do you have any tickets for tonight's Chicago?" Her response was "Hmmm... The best I have is front row." I couldn't believe it! And for £33! I absolutely LOVED it! I was so close I could see their freckles! The singing, dancing, and costumes were amazing! :) I was a VERY happy, musical-loving girl! Aaah, London, such great fun! 
Razzle Dazzle 'Em! 


  1. AWESOME! I love quiz nights and they are so much better when you win!

  2. Looks like you had a blast with all the "foreiners".