12 March 2011

London Calling

London was freezing but at the same time, beautiful, energetic, and a great place to end my trip. I arrived Monday afternoon after a quick flight from Edinburgh. I managed to take the DLR train into town and then the Tube to Lancaster Gate, where my friend Jim lives. It was great to be met by a friendly face who kindly lugged my heavy suitcase up several flights of stairs. The first of my five nights in London was low-key, which is what I needed. During my stay, Jim had to work a few afternoons and evenings. We explored together while he was free but otherwise, I did a lot on my own. Here are some of the highlights of places I walked to:
The Horse Tunnel Market in Camden Town was a fun market to walk around but everyone was selling the same stuff. 
The Portabello Road Market in Notting Hill was one of my favorite parts of the city and a great market! :)
Kensington Gardens was literally right across the street from Jim's place - I can only imagine how pretty it is in bloom!
Hyde Park is beautiful (well, they all are - Hyde, Regents, Green, Kensington... I saw them all!)
The National Gallery was a great (free) museum full of artists I knew (Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Manet, Da Vinci, Caravaggio...). I also really enjoyed The British Museum, which had loads of different types of exhibits, including mummies and the Rosetta Stone. 
The London Eye is the tallest Ferris Wheel in Europe and apparently the most paid for attraction in the UK. 
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament 
Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry in April.  
Buckingham Palace wasn't as opulent or beautiful as I'd hoped but it was cool to walk past nonetheless. 
I know how to read but even though the words " <-- LOOK LEFT" and "LOOK RIGHT -->" where painted everywhere, I was always looking the wrong way! 
I'll be revisiting London in July with my mom and my aunt Tracy, which I am really excited about. I would have loved to shop around more in all the stores on Oxford Street (I loved Selfridges!) and the markets, too, but it's not as fun by yourself! I talked myself out of buying quite a few things that I probably would have bought had they been with me. London is an expensive city but luckily tons of museums are free and if you walk all over town, you save money on transportation (which is expensive, actually). I'm to have had Jim as my gracious host, offering me a spare mattress on his floor! Thanks again, Jim! 



  1. Beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see the Stables market!! Can't wait to see it all with you. Most of all can't wait to shop with you!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE London! The picture of Portobello market is so cool