08 April 2011

How cute are these guys?

I realized yesterday on my way to work that I don't have any pictures of my students... who are supposed to be the whole reason why I'm here! So I took pictures in three of favorite my classes. I planned to take pictures in my little CE1/CP class but their teacher was absent so I only got to chat with them at recess when they came up to give me hugs and bisous. Let me point out that the French aren't huggers... well, I am and I severely miss hugs. Getting big hugs from Caroline and Caïsse literally made my hug-deprived day! Or week? Anyways, without further ado... how cute are these guys?
Rodolphe's CM1 class
My little babies in Hélène's CP/CE1 class - my favorite class in Niveau 1
Silvia's CM1 class

Jean-Michel's CM2 class - by far my best class and my favorite in Niveau 2 

One class is notably missing because they're the bane of my existence. Yesterday, Pascal's class was so terrible that I had enough of their antics and gave the whole class homework (I don't give homework). At first I gave just one girl homework... then I gave it to the whole class except for Luca, who I told didn't have to do it because he's the only one who participates and respects me each day. I wrote on the board: "Trouvez la traduction du mot 'rude'."Their regular teacher is in the class 98% of the time and must enjoy playing invisible because he hasn't once tried to help me discipline the students. I talked to Silvia about it in the car and she encouraged me to talk to him about it but warned me that she hardly doubts he'll do anything to help. Apparently he's admitted to her before that this class is extremely difficult to begin with... that explains a lot. Great. At least my other students are freaking adorable! 


"Trouvez la traduction du mot.." - "Find the translation of the word..."


  1. "i love you kelsey"...so sweet! I need to take pictures of my kids soon...

  2. So cute! I need to work up the courage to take pictures of my kids - did the teachers think you were crazy?