13 April 2011

Counting the months... and an afternoon in Belgium

Last weekend, I took a little afternoon trip to Tournai,  the oldest city in Belgium. It was hot (73F, which is too hot for this Seattleite), not a cloud in the sky, and only a 20 minute train ride across the border. I strolled around the town for a few hours by myself before sitting down to enjoy a delicious cone of house-made Speculoos ice cream in the La Grand-Place. Aside from the first two trains back to Lille being cancelled, it was a lovely afternoon! 
The Belfry and the Grand-Place 
Notre Dame de Tournai Cathedral
Flags on Cloth Hall (the red, yellow, and black one is the Belgian flag)
Le Pont des Trous on the Scheldt River
I love anything Speculoos... of course I had to try the ice cream! 
Tons of other people had the same idea, since the Glace Speculoos was the most empty of all the flavors!
In other exciting news, I arrived in Amsterdam exactly seven months ago today. That sounds like ages ago! But even more exciting news is that I have my (stand-by) ticket booked home! And the date? July 13th. I find it kind of poetic that I'll spend exactly ten months, to the day, in Europe. Major thanks to my amazing god-dad for hooking both my mom and I up with our stand-by tickets! Milles mercis, Uncle Bruce! It's bittersweet to realize that the end is near... Luckily, as close as it seems, three months is still a long ways away. For assistants on a seven-month contract, this is their last week of teaching and many of them take off soon. I know these next few months are going to fly by... seven have already. 

One more day before vacation! I definitely need it, too!

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  1. Like your solo ice cream snap! You're adorable :-)