20 April 2011

Photo recap: Berlin

I'm home from Berlin but head back to Germany tomorrow. Nine days with one of my closest friends from home sounds just like the cure for this homesick girl! Berlin was pretty awesome. I loved it there. Stories to follow but here are some photos. 
My favorite part of the Berlin Wall 
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe 
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Berlin Wall in Potsdamer Platz

They might have been two of the saddest horses at Brandenburg Tor but they were so sweet! I loved 'em!
Brandenburg Tor 
Reichstag, home of the German Parliament

Delicious Vietnamese dinner with a grapefruit beer, delicious!
Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall section by the Topography of Terror. It reads "To Astrid, Maybe someday we will be together."

Checkpoint Charlie
My travel companion for the weekend
A homesick Seattleite's temporary fix? Grande Pike Place Roast with nonfat and cinnamon.  Love the new logo!
Quaint little park in Charlottenburg
I love traveling... Have you caught the bug?


  1. Berlin looks very interesting and beautiful. You are a "super hero"! And yes, I do have the travel bug. Tomorrow California and next stop LONDON!

  2. Finally a pic of you & Pierre! More please! :) Glad you had a good time! Miss you doll! have a fabulous time with my little Ro!

  3. Kelse, I found Strongbow on tap in a sports bar in Eugene last night. So, the odds are in your favor to be able to taste it here! Love you! Dad