29 May 2011

Bites in Brussels

Normally I eat a really healthy and balanced diet, heavy on fruits and vegetables and light on sweets. I don't like beer and rarely drink, except for when I really feel like it. Both those general rules flew out the door when I hopped off the train in Brussels. At least I had a healthy breakfast? ; )

After some shopping and siteseeing, Riina and I tucked into Delirium Café for a beer. Let me note that this was at 12:00pm. Delirium Café hold a Guinness Record for offering 2000+ beers from all around the world and also has a really cool ambiance. Like I said, I don't like beer but I knew that my dad would practically disown me if I didn't have a Belgian beer in Belgium so I asked for a white beer and was given a Watou's Wit. Riina and I toasted to Christmas in May and spent an hour chatting before she had to meet with her co-worker. Before she left, I asked the guys sitting at the barrel next to us to take our photo. Two of them said yes and then there were crickets... After thirty seconds of no movement, we started laughing and I joked with them that usually this was the point where one of them would take my camera. Once Riina left, I finished my beer and figured out my game plan. When I got up to leave, I noticed one of the guys in the group had Greek letters on his jacket so I asked them where they'd gone to school. I ended up sitting with them for over an hour chatting about traveling Europe and comparing Greek systems at UW and UC Berkeley. Finally, I declared that I needed food at 2:30pm and they said they were impressed that I'd had a beer before lunch. Actually, that beer was my lunch...  For the record, I kind of enjoyed it (the beer, not the fact that it was my lunch). 
Riina and I  - Truffles in Tartu and beers in Brussels, let's continue our world food tour!
My lunch: Watou's Wit 
AEPi's from Berkeley Jeremy, Yoni, Ben, and David
The guys and I parted ways and I decided that I could indulge on a Belgian waffle as a snack. What was wrong with me? Usually I am very good at talking myself out of these ideas. Luckily I didn't, because this was the best waffle I've ever had. Well, normally I don't like waffles so that might not be saying much, but it's safe to say that I'll probably never have a waffle in the US again. Belgians know their waffles! The little crystals of sugar imbedded in the waffle are the best part! I can't believe I'm going to say this... I didn't have any chocolate while in Brussels because I'm over chocolate. Belgian chocolate is, however, very tasty! 
I had plenty of decadent options for toppings... 
But I kept it simple with just powdered sugar. Miam Miam!

For dinner, I went back to an Indian restaurant that I'd been to in October and enjoyed a delicious Tandoori Chicken Tikka plate with naan. This makes me excited to get back to the US where I don't have to go to another country to get good ethnic food!

Well, at least I did a ton of walking that day! 


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  1. I think you've found the happiest place on earth!