01 June 2011

Murals, postcards, and chocolate fountains

Last up on my day trip to Brussels my recap of the random sites I saw around the city. I bet you didn't know that BD's are hugely popular in France and Belgium and that The Schtroumpfs were Belgian, did you? Confused? BD is short for bande dessinée or what we call comic strips and Schtroumpfs are the "kiddie cocaine" of the 80's that we lovingly know as The Smurfs. My kids are always stealing away peeks at their BD's, which are often used in class as part of their curriculum. It's nothing like comic books in the US. The most iconic of characters is Tintin, a cross between Indiana Jones and a journalist, who will soon be featured in a Spielberg trilogy along with his canine sidekick, Snowy. France has a theme park dedicated to Astérix, a Gaulish gladiator fighting off Romans; their most loved comic series. 

But what does this have to do with Brussels? Well, as part of the Comic Book Route, there are over 30 murals of famous Belgian comic characters scattered around town. If I'd have known before my trip, I'd have found a map online! But I kept an eye out throughout my wanderings and snapped several pictures! 
Tintin nearby to Mannekin Pis

Sorry for the terrible picture, it's tough to photograph a window in the sunlight... But if you look closely, you'll notice that Mannekin Pis is peeing chocolate. Not that appetizing, if you ask me. And the picture that follows is his lesser-known counterpart, Jeanneke Pis. Yep, a fountain of a little girl squatting. Classy! Then I spotted these lovely postcards... even better how they're juxtaposed!
We could have had this chocolate fountain at our Senior Ball instead... tant pis!
Right outside Delirium Café behind lock and key... Jeanneke Pis.
Same time, same place... bitch!  
And for a few more random things... I saw several areas around town actually designated for you to have your dog do his business. Much cuter than the sign telling you not to leave your dog poop at Burg Nanstein in Germany! Then, can you please tell me what these animals are supposed to be because I want one. And finally, to all my Chi Omegas, every owl I see makes me think of you guys - even in the form of graffiti! 
Insert your own caption here... Just do it. 
Chi O love in Brussels.
I have no idea what this window front was for. Who killed Miss Rose? I say it was the creeper clocking in at over 7'6". Don't they use the metric system?
How many behemoths do you know over 7 feet? And I thought Pierre was too damn tall! 
Well, that's it. And guess what? Now that it's June, I can officially say that I come home next month!! Even better, I get to see my mom this month!


Une bande dessinée - A comic strip 
Tant pis! - Too bad! 
Rendez-vous ici, demain, même heure. - Meet me tomorrow, same time, same place. 
Une salope - a bitch, whore 
Qui a tué Mlle Rose? - Who killed Miss Rose? 


  1. we have so many of the same pictures :) loved brussels!

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