01 May 2011

Easter in Bonn and Cologne

My family has never been that religious and I've never been to church for any holiday (though I was once a shepherd in a church Christmas play somehow). Though Rosie and Jeric's church doesn't recognize Easter as a holiday, we went to the Sunday service in Bonn so we could spend the afternoon sightseeing in Cologne. I won't share my views since I have no real education when it comes to this type of thing but I'll just say that it was interesting for me to attend a church service on a holiday. It was kind of cool to have it translated into German at the end. Not that I understood a word of it... 

Although we had sandwiches packed in the car, we went to the most amazing restaurant for lunch. Vapiano is an innovative restaurant dishing up fresh, house-made-to order pasta, hand-tossed pizzas, and salads. I always forget  that pasta can be good if it's served with fresh-made noodles! At each table they have basil and rosemary plants you can pick from yourself and a selection of flavored oils, too. My pasta was divine, especially since I'd been craving duck! (It's a fast growing world-wide franchise, fingers crossed it reaches Seattle soon!)
Curry All'Anatra (Roasted duck breast, fresh vegetables, curry sauce, peanuts) with freshly-made spelt pasta
Once in Cologne (Köln in German), we were excited to see the Cologne Cathedral. With a degree in Art History, Rosie was especially anxious to see it! The largest Gothic church in Northern Europe, it began construction in 1248 and because of interruptions, wasn't completed until 1880. As Germany's most visited monument, UNESCO has deemed it one of their World Heritage sites and described it as an"exceptional work of human creative genius."Severely damaged by at least 14 times by aerial bombs in WWII but reconstructed, it's a glorious site to see. Hearing the bells ring was a pretty cool experience.


After strolling through and around the cathedral, we wandered through more of Cologne. Since it was Easter Sunday, most shops were closed but restaurants were still open and Cologne was swarming with people. I didn't expect to see that there'd be gelato shops all over Germany (think Starbucks in Seattle saturated). Jeric had been suggesting gelato for a few days, since Rosie and I had never had it. Holy yum, I will definitely not forget how refreshing this was! Tiramisu and straciatella are a delicious combo.  (Randomly, my mom also had tiramisu on Easter while vacationing in Huntington Beach... coincidence?) 

After savoring the last bites of our cones, we walked along the river and hopped back in the Beemer for the 2+ hour drive back to Brücken. I know that there's plenty more to see in both Bonn and Cologne but it'll have to wait. Until then, Vapiano, the Cathedral, and my first (and definitely not last) taste of gelato were well worth the trip!


  1. Cologne is on my must see list, looks beautiful!

  2. we ate at a vapiano our first night in berlin recently--soo good!