05 May 2011

The last castle

All good trips come to an end. Sadly, all great trips do too - but not before seeing one last castle! The Burg Nanstein in Landstühl was unlike any other that I've seen. It was build in 1162 by a Holy Roman Emperor but aside from being sieged and razed, there's not a whole lot of information available on it. Well, that is, at least not in English. So I have no idea what it's made of, I just know that it's pretty cool.

First off... have you ever seen a sign like this in public? At a historical site? Me neither. 
Secondly, how quaint is this town? In person, it's easy to see McD's Golden Arches in the distance...
A cannon shooting into a brick wall? Well thought out...
A staircase that leads no where? (I'm sure at one time it did; at least I hope so!)
A doorway that was even too small for Rosie! 
I'm not even that tall! 
Look at this wall... interesting, huh? 
The last thing we did before heading to the train station to part ways was stop by The Officer's Club to congratulate Jeric's commander on his promotion. His commander was really nice and told us all to order drinks on him. I figured that I'd been in Germany for 9 days and had only had coffee, water, and diet coke.... so I should probably end the trip by at least trying a beer. Especially if someone else was picking it up! So I ordered a Hef which is one of the few beers I remember ever enjoying. I drank about half of it before we had to leave. It wasn't my least favorite thing in the world but it wasn't my favorite either. But I gave it a good effort. Be proud, Dad... baby steps! 
This one's for you, Dad! 
And with that, my trip swiftly ended. Sad but beautiful day. Prost! I'm spending this weekend in Le Mans, France with yet another friend from high school. I'm really excited to see another part of France and another familiar face. Let's be honest, I'm grateful to be here but I'm sick of Lille. Anyways, bon weekend