01 May 2011

Photo shoot at Burg Lichtenberg in Kusel

Rosie and I both love taking photos. Actually, for as much as we knew we already shared in common, we discovered many other things we share a love for... castles, sweet potatoes, banana chocolate pancakes, my genius kitchen creations, gelato... We really were made to be friends. Burg Lichtenberg is in Kusel, which was only a 20-minute back-road drive from her house. Built around 1200, most of what remains are just ruins as it was occupied by invading troops on several occasions. We had a ton of fun imagining we were retaking our senior photos... I think our pictures are worth a thousand words (or at least a thousand memories).
Self-timer fail... but look at my face! I was cracking up! 
Love it! There's tons more where that came from... feel free to browse through my picasa albums!

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