14 May 2011

Un Mariage Années 80

I got to spend Thursday night with some of my favorite people in France. When Silvia invited me to her daughter's choral and drama class spectacle, I excitedly accepted. Her son, Raphaël, is in her class while her daughter, Laureline, is at the nearby collège. I have very fond memories of my years in choir (7th grade and all four years of high school) and looked forward to seeing the performance. After work, we picked up another co-worker of mine, Françoise, who is one of les dames de service and headed to Silvia's for coffee while Laureline got into costume. Pressed for time, we went for a quick dinner at Oh Roubaignot, a "rôtisserie - snack - friterie". My sandwich, La Petite Andalouse was nothing of the sort - it was huge but delicious! It was a grilled sandwich in a faluche with chicken breast, onions, red peppers, mushrooms, Mediterranean cheese, lettuce, and an andalouse sauce.  I ate a little too fast and was literally stuffed. We dropped Laureline off at the theater and stopped by Françoise's for another cup of coffee. 

Laureline et moi
Raphaël is by far my favorite student and I think he love's that he gets to spend a little time with me outside of school! If I didn't have a pretty awesome little brother already, I'd snatch this kid up! 
The title of the show was Un Mariage Années 80 and was a musical of sorts that the choir and theaters classes wrote. Basically it's the story of Alice and Pierre-Olivier who meet at a club in the 1980s, fall in love, and get married. Years later, when their daughters start going out to clubs and coming home at 3am, Alice recounts how she met their father. It was very creative, well done, and a ton of fun to watch. There were even a few former students now in high school who came back to join the performance. The songs were all top hits from the eighties; they sang mostly French music but did also sing an acapella version of Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics with a decent accent!

It was a great night and I was really entertained by the show! I definitely miss choir performances of my own. We had an awesome choir director at my school and got to sing some amazing music; one year we even were in the musical South Pacific. Oh I miss things like this!  Anyways, we had awesome seats in the balcony and could see Laureline the whole time thanks to hear headband. I love Silvia's family! Yesterday I was thinking about how cool it is that I'll be home in two months and can see all my friends and family... But then I realized that I'm going to have to say goodbye to these guys, which makes me quite sad. 


Un spectacle - A show or performance
Un collège - A middle school / junior high school
Les dames de service - The cleaning ladies
Une rôtisserie - snack - friterie - A rotisserie, snack, fry shop
Une faluche - A type of bread specific to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. It's a white bread that's soft, dense and shaped like a deflated soccer ball. Think pita with a fluffier interior. 
Un mariage années 80 - An 80ies wedding

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