05 June 2011

Sausages and feathers

My fabulous roommate's birthday is on Tuesday, so last night we went out to celebrate! We started with an apéro at a friend of a friend's. I haven't had a screwdriver in so long and now I remember why. And while we're at it, the little sticks of imitation crab sticks aren't my thing either. We arrived fashionably late to Aude's apartment (the other birthday honoree) for more snacks and finally dinner. I was dying in the sweltering heat - which to me is anything higher than 70°F and yesterday was well above that. I sipped a Leffe (a Belgian beer) and snacked on some cheeto-like things that tasted like peanut butter to me, though I know that wasn't the intended flavor. I definitely didn't find the Leffe refreshing, which is funny... In Berlin, Pierre told me that I was stupid because I don't find a cold bière refreshing on a warm afternoon. Different strokes... that doesn't make me stupid.
Anyways, on to dinner. Before taking off to the bar, we dined on a pasta salad. I may be a pasta salad novice but the mix was good, if not interesting. Pasta, beets (!), corn, carrots, chicken, and saucisses, mixed with a dijon mayo. Séb loved the hot dogs and picked a few extras out... and then this happened! 

Yankee Doodle
Muffins, hot dog bits, and dijon mayo...
No words...
We eventually made it to L'Appart Café to continue the night. Séb had a great night! I had fun but was exhausted from the heat and only having two drinks kind of put me to sleep. I can definitely hold my own with my French but when I'm not completely sober and there's English music blasting in the background, my mind definitely doesn't appreciate the extra effort required. By closing time, I definitely didn't have the energy to move on to another bar nor did I dance to songs I'd normally dance to. Luckily, I caught a ride home and passed out at 3:00am. All in all, it was a great night and was already daylight when Séb and friends returned to the apartment. From their sluggishness this morning, I'd say it was a successful celebration for Séb's 27th birthday! 

I rocked the headdress!
Aude, Angel, et Jonathon
Ugh, I don't want to work tomorrow!! But only 10 class days left for me!

Un apéro - an aperitif, cocktail hour
Une bière - a beer
Une saucisse - a sausage, hot dog


  1. love your pictures :) looks like a very funny night

  2. Happy Birthday to Seb!
    And about the warmth... It has been over 85F here all week (and there's no sings of cold weather in near future also). Pack your beach clothes! :D

  3. I know those peanut buttery cheeto things! The flavor freaks me out, is it peanut butter, is it not peanut butter??? And someone gave me one of those imitation crab stick things once. So gross, never ever again.

    Way to rock the head dress! x

  4. Bitburger is that bier from Germany that you Grammy loved the most. It's a lighter variety (Pilsner). Just in case you wanted to try one while over there.