01 July 2010

Patience is a virtue I do NOT have...

I am not patient. Pas du tout. At least not when it comes to waiting for my arrête to come in the mail. I had to wait long enough to find out I was in the program and I still have 2+ months before I leave. Other assistants in Lille have received their arrêtes - so why should I have to wait? Really, pourquoi?  

Here's my guess - not that it makes me feel much better: Everyone placed in Lille who's emailed the group about receiving their contract has said they're in either middle or high school placements for 7 months. I was told I'd be in elementary school(s). Perhaps it's taking longer because I've been given a 9 month contract? I don't know why that would make a difference in my wait time but let's hope that's why. If not, then maybe my school is just a little slow? I like Option A better; I already know that dealing with the French bureaucracy will be frustrating - let's wait to experience that once I'm there. I just hope it comes soon! I need to book my flight to San Francisco to get my visa!! 

On another note, I received a second email from A.T. saying I'll want to live in Lille and commute to work. But also that I need to find housing NOW because housing will be taken by September. I'm so excited to live in Lille! I was so scared I'd be in the middle of nowhere with no easy access for travel! 
The wait continues....

Pas du tout. - "Not at all."
Pourquoi.  - "Why?"


  1. Best wishes! it is so hard to figure everything out

  2. This is so exciting! Remind me to give you a book before you go.