11 July 2010

I've never had to look for housing...

Housing has always conveniently fallen into place for me... looking for an apartment is not easy to do from another country! If you've been through sorority recruitment like I have, this is even worse! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was told to live in Lille and commute. That means there are more options - except for most places are open right away and no one's going to hold a room open until September! At least there are a lot of appartements meublés. We're just going to have to be patient. (I see a pattern here with this idea of patience!)

But, I do have an exciting update! I found a colocataire! He's 26, has taught in the program before, and has the coolest accent! We had a Skype date earlier this week and totally hit it off. I'm really looking forward to living with him! Lille better watch out; we're about to tear it up!

un appartement meublé - a furnished apartment or flat
un/une colocataire - a roommate or flatmate

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