20 July 2010

Falling into place

Things are starting to fall in place and I'm feeling much more confident about what's ahead.
  • Visa appointment scheduled?
  • Flight to San Francisco for said visa appointment? 
  • Day off work for visa appointment?  (no questions asked!)
  • Decide when to leave? 
Finally, I've figured out when I plan to leave for the adventure of a lifetime!! And it's going to start with a once in a lifetime trip, to boot! I'm going to meet up with my cousin Scott on the tail end of his European adventure... in ESTONIA! I'm stoked! I've always wanted to visit Estonia to see where my Papa is from and to meet the family he left behind. Now I have the chance to do just that and share it with my cousin, who I'm very close to! (As I'm writing this, Jeopardy has a whole category on Estonia. Coincidence? I think not!)

My cousin in Estonia, Jane, and her family have graciously offered to take us in and show us Tartu, the city where she lives and the area where the Salu family is from! Now I just have to figure my flight out and book it. My god-dad is helping me out with buddy passes through the airline he's a pilot for - cheap!

September 13th is my planned departure so I can arrive in Tallinn on September 14th... that's less than 2 months away! Then I'll meet up with my roommate and explore the Loire Valley in France! Don't be too jealous of me!

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