06 August 2010

Airfare is booked!

I like things to have structure... I need a plan - my version of a "rough plan" is more organized than most people's more structured plans. That being said, because the beginning of my trip is so flexible, I've had a hard time pinning down my travel and have hesitated to book airfare because, frankly, it intimidates me! But today I did it! I booked my ticket into Estonia. So here's my plan, which I hope goes through as such:

12 Sept.: depart Seattle @ 12:35 pm (I hear the song "I'm leavin' on a jet plane".... don't you?)
13 Sept.: arrive in Amsterdam @ 7:40 am to spend the day/night exploring (hopefully not sleeping)
14 Sept.: depart Amsterdam for Riga, Latvia, in order to transfer to Tallinn, Estonia! 
Whoa! That means I have a month and a week before I'm gone!

Living situation isn't completely settled but I do know that I will be living with two wonderful gay men, one américain, one français. With the three of us, we should be able to get a house for cheaper than an apartment! Plus, it'll satisfy my desire to live with someone French! It'll be great - he's already living in Lille so he knows the area, my American roommate has met him a few times, and he'll have friends to introduce us to! (Fingers crossed for some cute, straight men with manners!)

un américain / une américaine - an American male / an American female
un français / une française - a Frenchman / a Frenchwoman 

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