24 August 2010

All that worrying for nothing!

I gave my employer my two weeks notice today! I have been stressing about it for ages and really had no idea how they'd react. In this office, you can never predict how anything will play out. I couldn't have asked for it to go any better! They were completely supportive of me and are excited for the opportunity I've been given. They even said to look them up when I get back. Ummm. No comment. My last day will be September 3rd!

When I didn't have my flight itinerary at my visa appointment, I started freaking out a little bit. Of course, I faxed it over to them and I didn't receive any notice that the fax hadn't gone through. So, knowing me, I secretly fretted that it hadn't been received. Worrying over nothing - see the trend? I got my visa today! Now I just have to say "au revoir" and "à bientôt" to my loved ones, pack, and board my flight! 

Having given my two weeks notice and with visa in hand, I feel relieved. Very much so, in fact. Ahh, life is good. 

au revoir - goodbye or until we meet again!
à bientôt - see you soon!

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  1. now ur ready for a fresh start!!
    btw its coo lthat we share the same name <3