18 August 2010

Testing 1,2,3!

My weekend in San Francisco was fabulous! Thanks so much to Christine, my amazing sorority sister for letting me crash at her adorable apartment! Hah, I may or may not have lost all my tolerance for alcohol and had to take a nap during the birthday party we had her. (Maybe.) I explored SF on my own on Sunday.... I was gone for 7.5 hours and sat only for 30 minutes to eat dinner. I was seriously walking for 7 hours and saw a bunch of different sites! I loved it there! 
The Chinatown Gate
Alcatraz Island
Ghirardelli Square
Golden Gate Bridge
View of Coit Tower from Hyde & Lombard Streets
Yerba Buena Garden
So my whole reason for the trip was to get my visa. My appointment at the consulate was fine but a little stressful. I forgot to get my parents' new addresses, so the only current address I could think of was work. So my passport & visa are being sent back to me at work. And I didn't have my flight itinerary, so I had to finish booking my flights and fax them over this morning. I did, however, make a new friend while waiting for my appointment! He'll be living in southern French town of Nîmes and offered to have me stay with him if I come down to visit! Yay! 

So how did my little test go? I think I'll be just fine traveling on my own at times! A day to myself in Amsterdam doesn't sound so daunting any longer! And with my trust new camera, I'll be able to take some amazing photos! Plus, I was successfully able to pack for a weekend in my carry-on. It may come as a surprise to anyone who saw how much crap I'd pack with me to go home for weekends in college, but I actually could have fit enough clothes for a few more days in that carry-on! Gold star for me! 


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