21 August 2010

Waterproof mascara and plenty of tissues

I have always been blessed with the most amazing friends a girl anyone could ask for. In college, I noticed that a lot of my friends hadn't maintained their high school friendships - sometimes by accident but mostly because they didn't care to.  Maybe it's just that really cool people come from Renton, je ne sais pas, but my high school friends are some of the greatest people I know. Today, they're throwing me an early going away party with a surprise element to it. All I know is that I need to show up at midi with a French-inspired dish (I'm bringing a crudité platter)  and in French-ish attire. 

I don't leave for three weeks so we're trying to get the bulk of the tears out of the way today. I hope my mascara is waterproof and I'll require a lot of tissues! I've been known to cry (unwillingly) for ridiculous reasons (ie. Disney movies, when someone says "no" to me, when I'm incredibly stressed/happy/confused...) and this is definitely an occasion that calls for tears. Which means, there'll be plenty of them today. Tissues, please! When it comes to this trip, so far I've only cried a few times: 1) the day I got my acceptance 2) Bree's birthday dinner when I started thinking about saying goodbye to these girls 3) driving the other day thinking about leaving these girls. Surprisingly, that's it! The best thing about these girls is how supportive they are of my leaving and that they won't fill my spot while I'm gone. Everyone should have friends as wonderful as these girls - even just one is lucky enough.

Oh yeah, and, I arrive in France one month from today! I fly into Bruxelles and am hoping that Sébastien and Cody can come pick me up at the airport! Even though my flight comes in at 18h40, I won't have enough time to make it through customs and get to la gare before the last train to Lille. :D 

midi - noon (minuit is midnight)
une crudité - raw vegetable
Bruxelles - Brussels, Belgium (I used to think it was so funny that places have different names in other languages)
18h40 - 6:40 pm. Time is described on a 24 hour clock and written HOURhMIN
la gare - the train station  


  1. Ohh! Have an amazing time with the girls. And in the words of that great pop-philosopher Lesley Gore 'It's [your] party, cry if [you] want to. ;) Love you, Kels!

  2. Love you, too! I wish you could have been there today! We actually didn't need any tissues - somehow, there weren't any tears!