05 September 2010

The final countdown!

It's sinking in! A week from today I'll be headed to the airport to journey across the world! Yesterday my mom's family had a going away fête for me. It was so great that my Aunt Lydia and Nanna could come, as well as my step-dad's brother Steve. We all had a really great time together! Sitting around the table talking about my cousin Scott being in Russia right now and how we'll meet up in Latvia was funny. Aunt Lydia seemed so cool about him being gone and all of a sudden my mom got really teary-eyed. I hate seeing her cry about it, because I'm not crying. 

It's so great that I've been seeing all the people who are most important to me so closely together! With so many people wanting to make plans to see me, it makes me feel good that people actually will care that I'm leaving! I think it makes it easier to leave knowing that people will be excited to welcome you back. Being forgotten or replaced is definitely a fear of mine, but I've realized that my close friends are just too amazing to do that! 

But really, let's talk about his... A WEEK? 7 days. It's going to go by quickly! Especially now that I'm done with work!! 

une fête - a party

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