03 September 2010

Welcome…. Kitten?

was thinking about how words just can’t describe what’s going on in my head now. (Either that or I could use LOTS of words to describe how jumbled I feel.) Then I got to thinking, I don’t know more than two words in Estonian. Welcome (“tere tulemast”) and kitten (“kiisu”). That’s not going to get me very far, at all!  (Random how I know these words… We have a floatation device/life saver that says “Tere Tulemast” and I used to have a cat named Kiisu.) Okay, I guess I also know that son is “poeg”. Bien, c’est tout! 

Here are a few useful phrases that I will try to commit to memory. Hell if I know how to say them!

Hello!: tere or tervist 

Goodbye: Nägemiseni 
Good morning / afternoon / evening: Tere hommikust / Tere päevast / Tere õhtust 
My name is…: Minu nimi on ... 
What’s your name?:  Mis on teie nimi?
Where are you from?:  Kust te pärit olete? Kust te tulete? 
I’m fromMina olen ... 
I don’t understand.: Ma ei saa aru 
Excuse me!: Vabandage!
How do you say ... in Estonian?: Kuidas Sa ütled ... eesti keeles?
How much is this?: Kui palju see maksab?

Okay, now do yourself a favor, visit this link and look at the very last translated phrase... You'll be happy you did! It's hilarious! http://www.omniglot.com/language/phrases/estonian.php

Boys and girls, I hope you enjoyed your Estonian lesson! You'll be tested on it tomorrow... hah. Just kidding! 
Do you know how to say any random things in other languages?
"Mahal kitas" is "I love you" in Tagalog. 


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