01 October 2010

These boots were made for walking...

And that's just what they did... I finally took the liberty to explore Lille on my own yesterday. I could tell you that it's a beautiful city and I love it, but I could also show you how beautiful it is. Donc, voici les photos que je vous ai promis! 
L'église Saint-Maurice de Lille - which began construction in 1421
L'Opéra de Lille et La Chambre de Commerce
La Grand Place: La Déesse et La Voix du Nord
The owl statue I ran into when I wandered into Le Parc Zooligique de Lille - Chi Omega <3
Le Rhinocéros blanc (White Rhino) that I fell in love with 
Les Zèbres des plaines (Plains Zebras) were quite playful with each other!
I enjoyed a lovely walk around La Citadelle, built around 1668,...
and saw some random mini horses snacking on the brush. 
This statue honoring 5 sacrificed WWI resistants was interesting (notice that the 5th person is lying face down)

It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed walking through out the city. Luckily my boots were comfortable! :D I didn't feel like I was screaming American, either, which was nice! I did catch the attention of a beautiful Belgian man named Davide. He honestly had the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen and could easily pass for a close relative of Bradley Cooper (:D)! 

In all, I'd say it was a wonderful afternoon! Check my next post for one of the highlights of my day! 

Donc, voici les photos que je vous ai promis! - So, here are the photos I promised you!
l'église - the church (féminin)
le parc zoologique - the zoo!
le rhinocéros blanc - the white rhinoceros
le zèbre des plaines - the plains zebra

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